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Lecture 8

AGR 2050 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Hereford (Cattle)

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AGR 2050
Clarence J Swanton

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AGR*2050 Lecture #8
Soil Health concerns on our farm:
- Erosion
- Organic matter
- Microbial activity (biological populations)
- Compaction (structure)
- Water infiltration
- Moisture conservation
All of things added up play a role in soil resiliency
If someone has too much rain or drought every year, with soil resilient and healthy soil you should be
able to keep an average in yields
Their Farm:
- Started no-till praties late ’s
- Retured to uder seedig loer i the early ’s
- 100+ cow herd of polled Hereford cattle (1940-2011)
Red Clover
- October grows root like crazy
- Do’t kill till i Noeer
Do’t let your shool ork get ito the ay of your eduatio
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