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University of Guelph
AGR 2050
Clarence J Swanton

Agroecology Wednesday Jan 16th: Seed Bank: - represents historical management - shows changes over time - understory in forest (seedling bank) similar - as disturbance declines seed bank migrates to surface of soil - more extremes, microbial, predators in this level of soil, equates to a certain degree of biological control - level of disturbance will influence the type of species that are present Succession: (secondary) Carbon Dynamics; biomass production - secondary succession begins with seed bank and nutrient system supports rapid colo- nization - forces at beginning of secondary succession don’t complement agricultural production - working against general direction of system Nutrient Cycling - legume species are early succession stage (lots of N in soil) - sets up for large vegetation growth Water Exchange - see notes Energy Exchange - high temp see notes - succession causes problems - open door for invasive species - species (in seed bank) difference in ability to perform - management through controlling resistant species, - opting for different species than your neighbor - understanding how variables play out Fuel running out: - if we change agronomy what is the impact? - new tillage equipment influences the field - what new species will we experience - what is the outcomes? Understanding - allowing process that are closer to nature - is it possible? how? (mid term question) - tropical intercropping - look
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