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University of Guelph
AGR 2050
Clarence J Swanton

Jan 21st Notes Agroecosystems Fred Vaughn - [email protected] - Research Services - looking for employees - Cam- bridge Biodiversity Continued: - strength through diversity through land management principles - must continue to be productive - how to minimize footprint of intensive ag. - Value of - future value- value in the genetics - Three relationships ( applies to graph) - ecosystem function and number of species - curve/type 1 - more species the more diversity more functionality - curve/type 3 - non response to diversity of species - no direct relation to func- tionality - curve2/type2 - number of species are important, but this flattens out (plateau) low number of species necessary - argument of redundancy - redundancy still offers security - multiple “plans” - losing species means that still have functionality - one species replaces other eliminated species - eventually could lose stability - too much competition = decrease in func- tionality - likely a sin curve with rise and fall - due to patterns of increase and reduction - cautions against hype around loss of single species Functional Grouping of Species - concept of functional groups - rather than species - what species contribute to temp control, nutrient cycling - grouping is dependant apon traits - growth characteristics - life cycle, etc - oak tree and corn plant = different groupings - some overlap, but do not have same effect - key species within groups - loss of key species is important - key species defined by function it is producing -
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