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University of Guelph
AGR 2350
Vern Osborne

AGR 2350: ANIMAL PRODUCTION SYSTEMS, HEALTH AND INDUSTRY FALL SEMESTER 2013 (3-3) [0.5] COURSE OUTLINE Professor: Dr. Vern R. Osborne Department of Animal and Poultry Science, Room 235, ext. 53691, [email protected] Office Hours for Students: Before and after class/lab Teaching Associate: Heather Bailey, Department of Animal and Poultry Science Room 256A, ext. 58367, [email protected] GTAs: Richelle Curtis [email protected] Kelly Nichols [email protected] Alex Robinson [email protected] James Skipper-Horton [email protected] An appointment available with GTA’s upon email request. Course Times: Day Time Room Lectures: Monday 12:30-1:20 THRN 1200 Wednesday 12:30-1:20 THRN 1200 Friday 12:30-1:20 THRN 1200 Laboratory: Section Tuesday 0101 2:30-5:20 ANNU 030 Tuesday 0102 2:30-5:20 ANNU 030 Wednesday 0103 2:30-5:20 ANNU 110 Wednesday 0104 2:30-5:20 ANNU 110 Thursday 0105 8:30 -11:20 ANNU 110 Thursday 0106 8:30 -11:20 ANNU 110 Thursday 0107 2:30-5:20 ANNU 030 Thursday 0108 2:30-5:20 ANNU 030 Calendar Description: This course will explore the benefits provided by animal agriculture to society. The origins and health of common foods will be discussed through stages of production, processing and marketing. Special focus will be applied to the economic structure and importance of major animal agriculture industries in Ontario, Canada and internationally. 1" " Course Evaluation Options: You may select one of the following three options for course evaluation. Once you select the option you cannot change. I will go over the options during the first class (Friday Sept 6, 2013) and you have until Monday Sept 9, 2013 at 1:20 pm to make your selection. You must be present in class on Monday to make your selection, no emails will be accepted. If I don’t get a selection from you, option 1 is the automatic default. Option1: Midterm Exam 25 %, Final Exam 75 % Option 2: Midterm Exam 25 %, Lab 25 % Final Exam 50 % Option 3: Midterm Exam 25 %, Lab 25 %, Project 25 %, Final Exam 25 % th Midterm= October 16 , 201th(
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