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Animal Science
ANSC 2340
Ira Mandell

Endocrine System Endocrine System: - Based on production and action of hormones o Hormones are chemical messengers  Secreted in tiny amounts into the bloodstream by ductless glands known as endocrine glands  Hormones affect activity of target cells which have receptors to specific hormone - 2 methods of hormone secretion o Negative feedback system (like thermostat controlling temperature in a room)  Thyroid hormone  Affects metabolic body rate and heat production  Affects metabolism of proteins CHO and lipids  Hormones produced by thyroid gland located on trachea (T3, T4)  Thyroid hormone decreases  Anterior pituitary detects low levels  Produces TSH  Blood concentration reaches certain level, pituitary detects this and stops producing TSH o Direct stimulation from NS  Endocrine gland stimulated directly by nerve impulses to secrete hormone  Animal threatened by predator  SYM NS stimulates adrenal medulla to release cat
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