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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Hank Davis

1) – Spreading western way of life, modernity & consumer culture 2) – First thing he stresses is providing for children & getting them education – important in creating class differences we see - A big house, consumer goods - Eating take out food & drinking coke – all things associated with western consumer culture 3) – Men & women separated for most of the day - Strong taboos for interaction between men & women - Sometimes seen as dangerous, men said a man can lose their strength/their skin won’t look that good - All taboos whatever they may have been have been put aside & people are living 4) – Alcoholism - As soon as alcohol became available there were many problems like domestic violence, fighting and dependency on alcohol 5) – Groups of young men that form gangs - One of the goals of the independent government of PNG was to provide universal education at least primary - Country was so successful it produced young men with say a grade 10 education but there were no jobs - Many generations of young men that can’t get these well paying jobs so they turned to crime (Second part of question) - Raises expectations & demonstrates to people there are goods out there that are wonderful (peanut butter, coke, detergent) but you need money in ord
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