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ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

Anthro Week 1 1/8/2013 8:09:00 AM ANTHROPOLOGY INTRO -Anthropologists study human conditions from a cross-cultural perspective- being a human in one society means something different from other societies. -Culture and food (Raw/ cooked eggs). -What can you say about human condition when looking at food? Explanation: in some cultures. People regularly eat termites but not in others, why? –conditions, what makes them do this? OR Experience and meaning: What are the symbolic meanings associated with termites? –the act of eating a particular food shows your identity, festivities >Some anthropologists combine these approaches. (Marvin Harris takes scientific approaches- what are the environmental, etc. causes, institutional) READ STUDY GUIDES POSTED ON COURSELINK 5 subfields of anthropology: 1. Biological or physical anthropology- past variations in humans 2. Archaeology- study of old things used by early humans including the human skeletons, study of human conditions 3. Linguistic anthropology (or anthropological linguistics)- focuses on the use of language in context and grammatical structure and how it relates to other languages. How people communicate in a social context. 4. Social and cultural anthropology- we have different roles within society and statuses. Cultural anthropologists look at perceptions about what is right and wrong, what it means to do certain things. The perceptions show the values of certain things in that culture. Variations in attitudes towards things like love. 5. Applied anthropology- Newest. To deal with contemporary issues, has specific focus on problem solving. More practical attitudes. How can we deal with poverty? >To study society in a cross-cultural style. >To be there and experience life with the people they study is part of anthropology Cultural anthropology is holistic: Wh
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