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Lecture Notes - Jan 17

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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

Tuesday January 17 2012 The first one page essayquestion will be about Spradley ch 2Question will be posted later today and she will answer questions on ThursdayMidterm Exam 6070 MC questions 50 from lecture 50 from lecture y Spradley 2 Qs per chapter y Harris 35 Qs per chapter Definitions y Lectures 35 Qs per lecture no questions from the first day lecture y Kane 57 Qs on the chapters 18 Study guide will be posted y Study guides from Spradley and Harris and the Lectures are posted on courselinkCovering Methods not really covered in the Harris book Field Methods Life History y Aims to obtain the informants story of life through the informant y Used to get a picture of a particular persons life ethnography is ordered chronologicallyy When do Anthropologists use life history y Some Anthropologists use this research method because it provides a personal cultural portrait of existence or change in a culture Much more readable in the end y Disadvantages Unusual person within that society y You learn what its like to be a child get married and grow up in this society y Marjorie Shostak1981 Nisa The Life and Words of a Kung Woman o Married to a
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