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19 Apr 2012

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Indigenous Peoples
- foraging/farming or herding
- “tribal”; “fourth world”; “first nations”
- seemingly remote from economic and political centres
- “internal colonialism”
- since 1492….
o In anthropology when talking about a group of people use the name
that they prefer to be called ie. First nation is preferred in Canada
- Racism
- Assimilation, segregation, integration, genocide, ethnocide
o Assimilation: people are forced to assimilate with the people
o Segregation: they are separated
o Integration: they are added to
o Genocide and ethnocide:
- Ethnocentrism
- Social Darwinist ideas about he inevitability and desirability of “progress”
- Resettlement, development, conservation parks, tourism and resistance
The Zapatista
- who are the Zapatistas
o Mayan, South of Mexico
- soldiers are Mayan and non-indigenous campesinos (rural poor)
- named for Nahua Indian General Emiliano Zapata (Mexican Revolution,
- Wear masks to show that they represent the collective will, not…individual
- Located in Chiapas, Mexico
- What is there struggle for?
- Work, land, housing food, healthcare, education, independence, liberty,
democracy, justice, peace, and in a later declaration, culture, information,
security, combating of corruption and preservation of the environment
The Kayapo
- Xingu River (Para State, Brazil)
- Rain forest and savannah
- Sustained contact with outside world starting in the late 1950s
- 1993 population @ 4000, living in 14 villages
- received formal land reserves (semi-autonomous territory) from Brazil in
1980s and 1990s
Early Contact
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