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Lecture 2

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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150

Lecture 2: General Questions- What is anthropology? The study of humankinds in all places at all times, the study of human beings, examine the ways that people are different and similar, try to explain similarities and differences Types: →Cultural (description and analysis of different cultures, see human beings as culture bearing and cultural creating, focus on here and now cultures, historical development of cultures, day- to-day living of people, lifestyles)  Ethnography  Medical Anthropology  Urban Anthropology  Development Anthropology →Archaeology (devoted to studying past cultures, examine material remains  Historical  Industrial  Contract →Linguistics (study of variety of languages spoken between humans, key to analyzing culture, language shows how certain cultures see the world around them, see humans as language creators and users)  Descriptive: grammar, syntax  Historical: traces the origin and development of certain languages and how they develop over time  Socio-linguistics: explores relationship between language and social interaction, how language influences culture and believe, see language as a kind of behaviour →Physical (study relationships between human and primates, genetics, anatomy, ecology, nutrition, forensics, nature and evolution of
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