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lec 3 jan 23

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ANTH 2160
D Rose

January2312 658 PM Margret Mead Research with human subjects anthros in a relationship with human beings Talcott Parsons model language collaborators usually used when giving credit to another person as wellhe manhe was common practice NOW gender neutral languageinformantsInformants is not the word to use anymoreit suggests a one direction relationship rather then yintertwinedvoluntary participationColonial context is complicatedif anthro is tied to colonial country some might feel obligatedy In order to be a voluntary participantyou need to be able to say NO and know what the research yis ABOUTquestions about informed consentDoc explains what the research is about name of the research research ethics boardyThe person needs to understand what research will be used foryOnce you publish your work you cannot be certain how it is going to be used MUST protect the yidentities of others principal informantElders healers the person with the most informationknowledgeexperiencestatusy interlocutor friend colleague Language that tries to capture the relationship that is forming anthroinformantsmore yrespectfulnow a days people are not necessarily are as vulnerableEthical Considerations Judgement obligation to people with whom we work obligation to discipline obligation to society obligation to funders obligation to tell the truth power and knowledge authorship and protection of identityStaceyCan there be a feminist ethnography feminist research is by for and about women as Stacey would sayRestricted definition feasible at the time y challenges dualisms abstractions and detachment of positivism advocate an integrative collaborative and interdisciplinary approach that is grounded in daily lives and experience Looking for friends partnerships someone shes learning from participant observationongoing yrelationship
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