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lecture 4

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University of Guelph
ANTH 2160
D Rose

Lecture 4 January3012 655 PM Midtermquestion on documentary next week 1020 objective questions fill in the blank one word one sentence Margret mead conducted fieldwork in Somoa and Papa new guineathere will be some choice 57 45 short answer definition type questions in the article titled mead outlines guidelines for ethics when conducting research subjects Outline what those guidelines wereAnthros are in a relationship with human subjects they are not objects they are humans so trust yand report was central Listing the things in the article y Stacey and feminist ethnography Short Essay Ask you to make connections btwn reading packet SL videos and lecturesOne then one possible way of answering the question yMeadFreeman Debate ethnographic authority Based on her first field work 2books published coming of age in samoawrote for the American ypublic Nature side is because of pubertynuturepuberty is not a way of difficult life because of Samoa ypuberty teens are not the same as AmericanFreeman went to a different part of Samoa 40 years after Mead Freeman found that people were yuptight about sex no such thing as free love for teenagers he interviewed some of the elders old enough to be alive when Mead was there IN A DIFFERENT PLACE claimed Meads writings were wrong identity of ethnographer length of time with the peopleyFreeman was a m an asking women about their sex lives most likely the answers will differy ethnographic present and time in anthropology40 years later y placeDifferent time and a different placeyWe cant make the same assumptions from place to place every community is differentyMormons vs Hippiesbeliefs are different both from Canaday importance of research and political dimensionsNature FreemanyNurtureMeady what counts as trivial what as important or perhaps whomWaited until Mead was dead to publish his findings yWhy can Freemen say that the people lied to Mead and then not to himy SAMOA Elders in training need to be virginsyHomosexuality is frowned upon y wrote two books for Samoaone for general one for anthros Debate since 1983
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