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Trobiand Cricket Themes

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262012 82600 PM February 6 2012Trobiand Cricket Themes y Arena for war y Pacificationtook the form of murder o Trobiandsy Sport to replace warfare y Cricket British style y Cricket trobiand style y Representation o Filmmaker explained what he was doing and asked them what they wanted to convey to us y ResistanceCricket as an outlet y Way of pacificing instead of acts of violence y People of trobiand islands make it their own y Syncretismthe process product the blending of two or more o Usually used in belief systems o Syncretism gameelements of British game and modifications that reflect something about trobiand culturevalue and belief system y Introduced by Britishy Used to be thought of as act of resistance to colonization rather than being assimilated into British culture y Who did he ask What are they trying to show us Consider whether or not is resistance or not y Cricket match takes about 3 daysTrobiand Cricket An Indigenous Response to Colonialism y Jerry Leach 1976 y Kayasa y Cricket was invented in medival timesknown for slow place tho Evolved by 19 centuryaround same time arrived in New Guinea
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