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ANTH 2160
D Rose

Movie NotesViewing Guidelines for Off the Verandah 1 What are Malinowskis methodological premises ie what constitutes participant observation How did this change anthropology as an academic discipline y Sharing their lives y Experiencing their values y Speaking their language y Staying there for a long time yth2 At the beginning of the 20 century anthropologists often wrote about the people they worked with as if the people lived in an isolated community far removed from civilization Take note of the moments in the documentary where Malinowski does this Take note too of any evidence that this is something of a fiction 3 What is Malinowskis theory of functionalism How does this differ from the earlier evolutionary theories that had been popular in anthropological circles How does the principle of holism apply to this theoretical perspective ie functionalism 4 Pay attention to the kula ring and to the material on magic How do anthropologists determine which
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