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Triobriand Cricket

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ANTH 2160
D Rose

February 6 2012Trobriand Cricket An Indingenous Response to ColonialismJerry Leach 1976Malinowski did his research here and founded participant observationThis documentary is different because the researcher asked the trobrians what THEY wantedElements of the British game of Cricket as well as modifications that the Trobriands added based on their beliefs values etcFilm focuses on bringing in the British and Trobriand to create something newTrobriand Cricket Themesits was a arena for war the sport was a moral replacement for warfare used to pacify acts of violenceSyncretism wanted a game of their own took British cricket and added themes of Trobriand culture ideals and beliefs to the gamethe changes in the game took place when the British began to colonize the islands of the Pacificit was seen as a resistance by the locals to protect their culturelocals play game with dances and chants entranced states tapioca erotic aspects of chants and dances exit dances were an opposing response to tapioca dances were used by players umpires and spectators British saw the dancing as immoralthe bats are decorated as to not resemble the white mans battraditionally not a community game the Missionaries began to teach the locals those who converted to the Methodist church and joined the poli
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