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ANTH 2160
D Rose

thFebruary 6 2012 Trobriand cricket video Warfare in Papua New Guinea isnt warfare the way wed recognize itit would involve one part of men from one village invading a neighbouring village for women or food until one person died at which point yams pigs or other food would be given as compensation and then the other village would raid the other village back It stopped for rain as did cricket In societies like this where warfare is pertinent causes other social aspects to be intertwined with war eg food and reproduction By the same token only women can cook only men can make fires etceveryone has a role and they are adhered to Men harvest yams but exchange them for brides etcGiven all of this it makes sense that these things find their way into the game of cricket kayasa means competition but also results in gift giving and in a way have political agendas as well The missionaries that taught the Trobriands the game would not be impressed with the sexual inuendos in the team namesdanceschants and would not like the outfits etc The MeadFreeman debateoriginally when the game was taught by missionaries they played against the converts those Trobriands converted to Christianity
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