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ANTH 2160
D Rose

thFebruary 27 2012 Community in and out of SL But if what makes virtual worlds worlds is that they are places what makes them sites of cultureand thus amenable to ethnographic investigationis that people interact in them 180Is it the fact of being understood as a place or the social interaction that occurs What is the relationship between place and community in the actual world In the essay by Rose the men discussing the treasure hidden by their ancestors are connecting themselves to their ancestors and including themselves in that community by storytellingCommunity membership comes in many forms physical places like UofG and also in nonphysical terms like LGBT groupscommunities can but do not always have places associated with them in the actual world and also in virtual worlds People are critical of online worlds and feel as though theyre less authentic real They base community on facetoface interactions even though there are plenty of real world examples where community membership doesnt include face to face discussion all the timeOnline worlds as a faceless community and therefore somehow less authentic and meaningful than actual world sociality is a position Boellstorff disagrees with Theres a notion that the faceeyes are ones humanity and that it is easier to killharm etc someone when you cant see thei
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