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ANTH 2160
D Rose

rdJanuary 23 2012 Margaret Mead research with human subjectsAnthropologists in a relationship with human beings taking influence for Talcott Parsons modelLanguage informants is rarely used as a term now It disguises the relationship posing it as unidirectional where people are just informing a researcher of an answer to a specific question as opposed to bidirectional learning that actually occurs Collaborators he None of these capture the relationship that goes onno one has to talk to anthropologists at all they dont have to tell the truth they may have their own agendaVoluntary participationpeople must know what the project is about informed consent and you cannot bribe or lure participation Additionally there cannot be any fear of harm for choosing not to participateQuestions about informed consent if research changes consent must be readdressed principal informant someone like an elder or a leadersomeone who has a lot of knowledge would be a principal informant but they should get coauthorshipmore languageinterlocutor friend colleagueIn relation to collaborators etc these are better terms to useMargaret Mead did most of her research with females but used he as a pronoun in her writing about it Gender neutralinclusive language did not become common practice until the 1970sEthical consi
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