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Second Life Chapter Eight POLITICAL ECONOMYAddresses politics and economic togetherBoellstorff sees them as aspects of the same cultural domainPivotal difference between virtual worlds and actual world is that virtual worlds can be ownedCreationst Capitalismmode of capitalism in which labour is understood in terms of creativityproduction understood as creation o creative class creative industries o techne is modality that creation takesselffulfillment becomes means of production o author argues that status expertise and market are interrelatedNeoliberalism an ideology founded in use of market mechanisms and personal responsibility as principles of governance o crowdsourcingselfhood understood as customization of the social pg 207capitalist action is culturally produced always infused with cultural meaning and valuewestern vision of human life need of creation founded in culture of improvementhave freedom to create MONEY AND LABOURcreationist capitalism forged by Linden Lab and Second life residents through understandings of money and labourcreativity form of exchange valuenot just use valuelinden lab allowed residents to retain intellectual property rights over anything they created o Copybot allowed residents to copy information about objects without permission o second life defined by Linden Lab as service not commodityLinden lab paid incentives to properties receiving the most trafficalso affect where a property appeared in menu o highest paying job was sex worker PROPERTYOnly by owning property could residents build objects with permanenceeconomic system in second life predicated on propertysl originally object based economy residents taxed per prim createdshift from object based to property based economyLinden Labs primary source of income was resident fees paid to own land o Property based economyLinden lab operationalized the assumption that place lies at the core of the virtual drawing upon a history of linkages between landscape and capital o Land was form of place with political and economic consequencesland baronspurchased land and resold flipping it
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