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ANTH 2160
D Rose

4182012 20500 PM April 2 2012 LAST CLASSThe Future of AnthropologyChange in focus Isolated groups that were the focus of anthropology no longer exist Multisited ethnography Public anthropology World interconnected in more apparent ways Anthropology needs to be relevant to contemporary world Tourism migration ethnic conflict cultural imperalism political economy resistanceBeen a constant debate of role of anthro how does it fit in postcolonial context what does it mean as more people are moving around etc If I were gonna ask youwhat is the one thing that unites anthropologists to anthropology different from Malinowski and Boas Fieldworkone things they agree on One thing they agree on is methods Probably the one thing that unites anthropology as a discipline Always talk about it changingworld is changing with technologies explosion of tourism neoliberal policies something old with new spin not Adam Smith economics These changes as they relate to anthropologyisolated groups that were the focus no longer exist but they never didillusion that groups are isolated can no longer be obtained places not as isolated as we may have thoughtincreasingly interconnected and increasingly more apparent to us the classic anthropologythe Nuer coming of age in Samoano longer possible one of the responsesis multicited fieldwork ethnographyexample NESS another question talking about in classthe ROLE of anthropologyis you have a focus good to know what role is academicscholarsknowledge for knowledge sake
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