ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Meiji Period

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Published on 23 Nov 2011
November 22 2011 Lecture
The Film, "Osaka Story"
-intimate look at family ties
-relationship between father and children?
-father was not around a lot
-he was their to meet his obligations
-filmmaker says he was a good father to children
-he had a lot of power over his son
-daughter who was doctor was free from fathers influence b/c she has economic
-was a super happy family w/o issues
-relationship between the mother and her children
-had problems
-the grave
-symbolizes unity
-shows where you come from
-father is separating mother form the rest of the ancestors
The Ainu
-indigenous people in Japan
-24 000 in Hokkaido in 1993
-until 1868
-the Meiji Period
-things changed
-active colonization
-colonization of the Hokkaido Island
-the assimilation policy
-family registers for the Ainu (1875-76)
The traditional Ainu life and social change
-hunting and gathering
-structurally related to Japanese but not Japanese
-expected to abandoned their language later on
-the loss of land
-took the fertile areas
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