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Nov.1 Lecture

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ANTH 2230
Satsuki Kawano

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November 1st 2011 Lecture Food Continued Alcohol -japanese - sake (rice wine) and shochu - shochu is cheaper -"western" - beer, whiskey and wine -beer is widely accepted -whiskey is more specialized and is imported and is more $$ -wine is not as common, has emerged in the last 10 years -masculine and feminine drinks -sake is a communal drink, supposed to be shared by everyone at table -serving rules -rude to serve yourself -polite to serve others Drinking and Japanese social organizations -Moeran (1998), "one over the seven: Sake drinking in Japanese pottery community" -drinking as a political activity -drinking as a social activity Food in Contemporary Japan -large importation of food -worry about self-sufficiency -rice (95.2%) -wheat (11.2%) -beef (36%) -domestic beef is more valuable and expensive -pork (55%) -chicken (63.8) -milk and dairy products (68.3%) -fish, shellfish (48.5%) Convenience Stores -can sell liquor often -cheaper to buy stuff at this store if you are only serving yourself or two -some stores have a deli section -packaged meals -young people and the elderly
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