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ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Edo Period, Meiji Period, Masculinity

Course Code
ANTH 2230
Satsuki Kawano

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November 15th 2011 Lecture
Gender (II) Minorities (I)
Types of Marriage
-arranged marriage
-the tie between families
-"love" marriages
-after 1960's love marriages became more common
-long-term trends
-during the Edo period divorce rates were very high
-became harder to be divorced so rates declined
-divorce: during the Meiji Period
-the impact of the Meiji civil code
-harder to divorce
-divorce in postwar Japan
-low divorce rates
-love was not considered to be as important, affection was supposed to develop
after marriage
Divorce: Recent Trends (the 1990's-)
-rising divorce rates in all age groups
-rising rapidly among younger people
-divorce at Narita (Airport)
-common for women to be abroad
-sense of disillusion wife feels he is not as reliable in travel
-divorce among older couples
-the impact o the Japanese employment system on marital relations
Divorce Rates (hand out pic)
-# of divorces divided by the nation's population (including babies, singles and
widows/widowers) x 1000
-examples: 2.1 persons per 1000 persons
-ideology in postwar Japan
-men as salaried men/breadwinners
-alternative masculinities
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