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ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Burakumin, Japanese Language, Sept

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ANTH 2230
Satsuki Kawano

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November 24 2011 Lecture
Final Exam
-vital statistics
-history summary chart (course link)
-map (course link)
-all the lectures, required readings, and other class materials (movies) (2).
-format: multiple choice questions
-more questions on the readings and lectures covered after the midterm exam + the
readings for sept. 13, 15 &20
-Mid-term exam review Nov.29th
Minorities: Burakumin
-2-3 million (Weterall and Devos 1993)
-1922 Suiheisha
Burakumin (II)
-Examples: "The confidence to live! Experiencing the Buraku Liberation movement" by
Ryuichi Kariya, in Diversity in Japanese culture and language / edited by John C. Maher
and Gaynorr Macdonald (1995)
-baraku people married amount themselves
-do not want to mix blood
-sisters perception: kids will be discriminated, you cannot marry him
-entire family will be tied to Baraku through this marriage
-this conception prevents people from supporting the Baraku
-the Baraku Liberation League
-recent developments
-better living standards
-better jobs
-Baraku identity
Non-Japanese Residents in Japan
- in 2007: 2.1 million non-japanese residents (approx. 1.7% of the total population)
-606, 889 from China
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