Nov. 29 Lecture

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Published on 29 Nov 2011
November 29th 2011 Lecture
The Japanese Abroad
-transitional migration
-gender (many japanese women study abroad)
-many men already have career track jobs
# of Japanese Abroad
-increasing since 1986
-in 2010 1 143 357 (384 569 permanent residents)
-common destinations in order of popularity
-USA, China, Brazil, UK, Australia, Canada
Experiences of Japanese Homemakers in the U.S.A
-Sawa Kurotani, Home away from home (2005)
-japanese salary,en and their wives (homemakers) in the U.S
-migration involving the family
-the construction of "uchi" (inside/home) in the U.S
-gender relations
Experiences of Japanese Returnees
-live abroad for a long time 5-7years
-kids who grow up in these new places
-happens in school context
-examination systems
-social rank
-can elevate their status if they speak english
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