ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Economic Restructuring, Multiple Choice, Black Market

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ANTH 2230
Regional Ethnography:
Japanese Society
Today’s topics
oYouth (2)
oMid-term Exam Info (Oct 7)
In-Class First Mid-Term Exam (25%)
October 7, 2014
Format: Multiple choice questions, Short answer questions, short essay questions,
ordering, matching etc.
Approximately 50% on lectures, 50% on the readings
Review the map and the history summary chart (posted on courselink)
Study Guide (on lectures) is posted on Courselink
Special Office Hours
Date Time Room
10/1 10:30-noon Mack 604
10/2 11:30-2 Mack 603
10/6 10:30-noon Mack 604
Questions regarding lectures please contact the instructor.
Questions regarding the readings please contact Lucia:
High school graduates & dropouts during and after the 1990s
Film: Kids Return
The main characters - Masaru (the taller one) and Shinji
What are their options?
Historical context:
Slow economy & Economic restructuring
Manufacturing  Service
Kids Return: Film Clip Questions
How did young people in the film try to find their own path?
Does the film (director) present an optimistic or pessimistic image of youth in
Options for Youth (the 1990s - )
The mainstream option
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