ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Electronic Journal, Style Guide, Participant Observation

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Anthropology 2230 Professor Kawano
Fall 2014 Final Take-Home Exam
I. The Deadline, Format, and Submission Policies
Your take-home final exam (four-page, double-spaced) will be due on December 1 at 11:59 PM
in the dropbox on the course website (D2L – Courselink). Please submit a pdf or word
Exam submission policies:
1. No late exams will be accepted without official reasons (medical, compassionate, or
2. In case of illness, a student is required to submit a doctor’s note to extend the deadline.
3. If you have a psychological or compassionate reason, you will need to see your
academic or program counselor at your earliest convenience and have her/him email me
before we accept your late submission.
4. The exam left in the instructor's office or her mailbox in the departmental office will not
be accepted.
5. Your grader will stop reading your essay at the end of the fourth page if it is longer than
the required length. The essay must follow the margin (1”) or font (12 point, Times)
6. Your originality is important. You need to work independently without collaborating with
II. Learning Objectives
This exam aims to address the following learning objectives:
Critically evaluate, analyze, and synthesize diverse course materials
Communicate effectively, accurately and professionally in written forms
Creatively use the knowledge on contemporary Japan that you have acquired in this course
III. The Take-Home Final Exam (25 % of your final course grade)
The Question: By using specific examples from the course materials and readings, analyze
groups or types of social actors whose behaviors challenge the existing social hierarchy in
twenty-first-century Japan. Based upon your analysis of the groups, identify the most important
group of social actors whose behavior is bringing fundamental change to Japanese society and
design an anthropological research project that effectively examines the group.
VI. How to Structure Your Essay
1. On the first page in the upper left-hand corner, please type (no separate cover page
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