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ANTH 2230 Lecture Notes - Acculturation, Transculturation

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ANTH 2230
D Rose

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Anthro Sept 27 9/27/2012 11:37:00 AM
- Creole is someone who is born of European descent but born in the
new world
- Or someone (or something) who is from the old world who is taken
into the new world and believed to have physically adapted to the new
- A person of mixed blood (Amerindian, African and European)
- Languages that emerged through time that had elements of west
African and European origin but were now new languages in their own
rightusually west African grammar, European lexicon (with some
African and Amerindian words as well)
- Cultural forms include cuisine, music, dance, dress and syncretic
religionsagain the idea of something new created out of elements from
previous European and west African styles
- Example: Bouyon (style of dish or metaphor for Dominican culture,
style of music), Dominica
- Syncretismreconciling of two disparate systems of belief
- Creolizationadaptation to new environment, cultural change
- Metissagemixing
- Hybriditygenetic mixing, linguistic play, cultural chage through
merging and converging
- TransculturalizationI am of the opinion that the world
transculturation better expresses the different phases of the process of
transition from one culture to another because this does not consist
merely in acquiring another culture, which is what the English word
acculturation really implies, but the process also necessarily involves the
loss or uprooting of a previous culture, which could be defined as a
RepercussionsA Celebration of African-Influenced Music
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