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November 8, 2012

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ANTH 2230
D Rose

ANTH 2230 / November 8, 2012 / Lecture Notes Cuba - Spanish Colony o Settler island: island where European travelers, settled and stayed. - Us Intervention o Cuba was under U.S. rule from 1888 to 1902 - Independence in 1902 o 1890’s war of Independence from Spain o From 1902- 1950 Cuba was a playground for the very wealthy.  Had a thriving economy  Huge gaps between rich and poor  Racism was prevalent - Castro 1959 o Cuba became a communist country and thus started a lot of problems.  A lot of wealthy Cubans left because of Castro o Until 1990’s, Cuba had links with the Soviet Union  After the Cold War, Cuba has become very isolated.  Cuba’s GDP falls 35%  For the people, this time was known as Armageddon, but the government calls it a “Special Period”  50% of the population was unemployed.  Domestic food production dropped 30% - Embargos (Total Embargo) o Lots of embargos against Cuba  As a result, poverty is widespread  However! Cuba has implemented lots of reforms to become self-sufficient despite the burdening embargos (Agriculture, Medicine, etc.) o Cubans get a subsidy for the nutritious essentials. o
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