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October 25, 2012

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University of Guelph
ANTH 2230
D Rose

Anth Oct 25 Banana Wars Creating desire for bananas (consumption and production)  Takes a short period time to grow 8-9 months, after natural disaster it doesn’t take long before they grow back  They start to become a tropical fruit commodity; the desire for bananas had to be cultivated/developed Case study- Dominica (1930s then on to “Green Gold”) Trade agreement- Lome protocol  Through the 1930s-70s British colonial government was offering incentives to Dominican farmers  Lome agreement were agreements between government guaranteeing the ACP (African, Caribbean and pacific) quotas and guaranteed price. They were popular because bananas were a guarantee profit and a guaranteed price  Through time the consumer side started demanding the bananas cut into hands (certain type of cut)  People in the UK didn’t buy bananas that didn’t have dark spots because it was “fungus” therefore Dominican farmers had to spend money to prevent the bananas from getting freckles  This production became more labour intensive as money had to be borrowed, this new technique was time consuming to prevent from getting dark spots on their product African, Caribbean and pacific (former colonies and metropole nations) US trade representative  When taxes and tariffs were introduced, the lome protocol is a violation because it’s an interference in trade Chiquita Banana Company (formerly the united fruit company) WTO ruling-coutonou agreement extends agreement but…  The us won and the new agreement was signed giving them a few more years of quota and tariff free but that’s it, after the time was up Dominica’s economy went down Dominica economy 67% banana industry  Lost their land, sold their land to tourism, or for food production  A lot of people
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