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November 6, 2012

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University of Guelph
ANTH 2230
D Rose

Pierre Bourdieu’s Ideas of Cultural Capital The ways in which distinguish oneself from others in good taste; what is desirable or preference is different from group to group; these preferences are enjoyed by the group i.e. going bowling vs. going to the opera; eating steak vs. baloney; people have different preferences Cultural Capital: there’s an idea of return when we talk about capital; they transpire into economic outcomes  Embodied (i.e. in the form of long lasting dispositions of the mind and body) o Attitudes toward certain practices, taste the way you walk, sit, body proximity, eye contact; they are instilled in us through our culture; different groups have different cultural preferences  Objectified in the form of cultural goods o Things like clothing, brands, art for your home, the style of your furniture, your car; certain things we buy and wear make statements about who we are and give us certain kind of capital in one group but not in others o i.e. SUV drivers in environmental groups vs. other groups  Institutionalized (i.e. academic qualifications) o Something backed by a social institution o i.e.our post-secondary degree is supported by the Education institution o medals in military service are supported by the institution that is the Army o could be marriage in different cultures  Social capital (collective, stems from the group; belonging) o Being a colonizer/colonized o Being free or slaved o Being white o Something that benefits you through ascribed status  Economic capital (land, property, etc.) o Land, money, property Freeman: NOTE: (for those reading this book only; if you are reading Padilla, you do not need to know this section)  Women in th
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