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Life and Debt Away from UK rule -Focus on Jamaica tourism, what happens with tourism. And how Jamaica also affects all banana producing countries such as Africa and the Caribbean. -No focus on how easy it is to get into the country. We can travel anywhere just with the passport or drivers licence whereas for a Jamaican’s visiting our countries they have to provide significant amounts of documents. Can pass through customs easily whereas Jamaican’s bags are often searched. Used to have a Queen but don’t now so they are free from the English. Had something else in mind when they tried to gain independence from the English, they didn’t get what they had originally envisioned. -Unsure if the place they have now is actually better off or worse off than having the UK rule. Have financial issues because they really are unable to govern themselves. They now need large sums of money but private banks will not give loans so they must turn to the IMF IMF-International monetary fund. This is a bank they can turn to for short term loans for short term ideas, mainly for people who fought in the war. Doesn’t help on a long term basis because they are given huge restrictions on the loaned cash. The idea of the IMF was to be a bank that is there for the people, especially those who worked in the war. Also once they finish paying off your debts you have to pay back the bank and then you’re back in the bind you were originally! Lack of money-Due to the lack of money they were forced to restrict expenses in certain areas. For example there have been no new hospitals or hospital equipment for years, the schools are really bad and basic and sewage isn’t disposed of properly. Focus on the idea that we are not concerned about anything just because we are on holiday. -No proper way of disposing of sewage. Bathwater and toilet water go most often in to the sea Food production-To be involved with the IMF the Jamaicans were forced to increase restrictions on locally grown products and enter the world market -Due to the global econom
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