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Lecture 3

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University of Guelph
ANTH 2660
Edward Hedican

Week 5 TOPIC: Policy Issues Regarding Aboriginal People I. What is Public Policy? General Guidelines for Action from Where?-Existing Legislation i.e, Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms -Indian Act -Platforms of Political Parties- in Canada we have had 3 political parties, conservatives serve economic process, II. Examples? - Assimilationist Policy- actions of assimilation where taken against the natives, policies to make natives go to residential schools -Policy of Multi- Culturalism- Kind of mask over discrimination in Canada III. Solving the “Indian Problem”, (or Solving the White Problem?) Made potlatch illegal, tried to make natives want to give up status. IV. Policy Issues: -Aboriginal Community Relocation, i.e, Northern Quebec and the Cree- dams (hydro-electric development near communities (northern Canada) northern Manitoba, northern Quebec have had an effect on the native peoples of that area Especially Cree (relocation to an area with less benefits) -Mercury Pollution, i.e., White Dog and Grassy Narrows in Northern Ontario near Kenora- mercury enter food chain, fish get contaminated with mercury pollution, then humans eat the fish, getting the mercury into their system. No clean up by the Canadian government was issued. The natives where told to stop eating the fish, which they depended on to eat with a low cost -Food and
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