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ANTH 2660
Edward Hedican

ANTH WEEK 3missed first week Chapter 3 research issues Chapter 4more specific case study of a research issue he was involved with in NW Ontario focuses on the topic of advocacy content on midterm include first 4 chapters as well as lecturesvideo on Thursday 60 minutes long not the full class 30 MC specific details Essay Question for 10 marks pick 12 ex know when the Royal Proclamation is 1763 have to know BOTH the lecture and readings essay will entail a whole chapter in scope so know the themes of each chapterhe posted the chart that we looked at about Bill C31 we should know the number of natives that gained status as well as the bottom 2001 number look at the last line of the chart 2001 total of 622 registered Indians out of this 500000 regained status so a substantial increase in the population also the pie chart he showed us 698 025 first nations population with a number 1 beside it this comprises both status and nonstatus then the bar graph he shows us with the estimate of 2011 this refers to the total aboriginal population in Canada so this includes Mtis Inuit AB people with status and those who identify with AB heritage but do not have status so comprises all four groups we talked about the difference between status and non status Indian with the reference in the Indian Act etc many different distinguishesTOPIC Research Issues in Aboriginal Communities
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