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22 Mar 2012
Lecture March 20th 2012
Week 11 - Anthropology and Aboriginal Issues in Canada
Ontario Developments
1876 - First Canadian IA
-military context is significant and important
-the coming together of a number of pre existing pieces of legislature
-establishing control, e.g band elections, garbage collection, control of everything
-1891 tried to revise the IA
1910 - Treaty number 9 James bay treaty
-formerly Rupert's Land
-northern ON
1927 - National ban on AB political organizations beyond the local level
-people were actually put in jail
-no organized protest
-no representation in politics = no improvements
1946 - Union of ON Indians
-only status indians
1950s - AB's allowed to vote in provincial elections
-ON and a few other provinces
1960s - AB allowed to vote in federal elections
-now they can be represented
-AB population is small… can they really make a difference in the vote? no…
except in some northern areas
1960s - ON metis and non-status indians association (OMNSIA) formed in Lake Nipigon
1975 - James Bay agreement (northern Quebec)
-first modern treaty
-very long documents
1982 - ON metis association formed
-NSI's are interested in getting status back the metis are not
-the metis need their rights specifically recognized
-they were a significant force up the the time of Louis R.
Western Canada Developments
1774 - spanish exploration - Juan Perez
1778 - Capt'n Cook, First contact with Nootkas of Vancouver is - armed confrontation -
ships attacked
1770-1830 - Trade in sea otter pelts for Chinese fur trade (Haida, Tsimshian and
Kwakiutl) - iron tools
1830 - First small pox epidemic
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