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University of Guelph
ANTH 3650
Edward Hedican

Reading: An Archaic Indian Cemetery in Newfoundland Turk - Early archaeologists puzzled by first burial sites Only had traces of bones which made it impossible to date the sites - Red ocher found in many graves in Newfoundland –named the Red Paint People From Maine to Newfoundland - But there was little information on how Red Paint People lived because they never found any dwelling sites Details on life revealed in unearthing of cemetery in Newfoundland - 100+ well preserved skeletons - Lots of objects also preserved - Cemetery used as burial site for 100 years Found cemetery in Port au Choix Newfoundland - Beaches with fine sand, made it easy to dig - Beach is very alkaline-8.0 pH and easy drainage made preservation possible 3 distinct sets of burials found Locus I (1967) - 10 Skeletons. Site dated 1460 BC Locus II-largest - Oldest site at 2340 BC - Most extensive Archaic burial site in Newfoundland - One of the largest in North Eastern North America - 53 separate burials with almost 100 Skeletons - Thousands of hunting implements, tools and other grave goods found in the graves - Boulder slabs placed on top-markers or to prevent disturbance - Many still had signs of intrusion either natural or mankind Locus IV-infant graves which were unassociated with others - dated at1280 BC - Sites were covered completely by forest, undisturbed for about 3000 years - Varied methods of burials - Posture and condition of individual - Secondary burial-initial decomposition and then they bury skull and bones - People who died in the winter not buried until ground had thawed - Sex hard to determine for skeletons - Able to figure out 23 male, 18 female @ Locus II - No bias for burial of sex or
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