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Lecture 11


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University of Guelph
ANTH 3650
Edward Hedican

Lecture 11 Oct. 11. 2012 Movie. - Early man in North America - Clovis man the first american? or first to make a weapon thats survived for archaeolo- gists. - early stone tools - people came from Asia (where man already lived for 500,000 years) - ice sheets - came across solid sheet from Siberia - no idea where Clovis man developed, cultural features in Siberia that are similar, but also other parts of Europe, so cannot be sure in fact Siberia - indigenous or imported? If advanced from within NA then developed in existing com- munity - develops so fast, over short period of time, over vast area - Canada to southern tip in less than 1000 years Clovis: a specialized point, spear point Assumption - Clovis man from Siberia encounters mass food availability - or? take a long time to walk, hunt and live, how fast could they have actually travelled with children and women etc? - spread of an idea - valued trait - A) man here before clovis or B) clovis m
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