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Lecture 10


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ANTH 3650
Edward Hedican

Lecture 10 Oct. 09. 2012 Origins and Initial Settlement I.The Problem of “Origins” •Alliance theory of marriage - structural approach, alliance aspects - bringing together different groups - how close can we marry and how far away can we marry and derive certain benefits - marry too far away, poor for alliance approach, - marry close distances key, groups that can mutually benefit 1. Multiple vs Single Origins 2. Point(s) of Entry and Spread 3. Population Sources 4. Times and Dates 5. Aboriginal Conceptions - perceptions of origins, of themselves - always suggest that they did not come from anywhere other than North America - North America as “Turtle Island” esp. Algonquian peoples. - many accounts - various spiritual entities at work II.Beringia and Concept of “Refugium” 1. Concept of “Interstadial” 2. Advance and Retreat of Ice During Wisconsin stage of Pleistocene Beringia - 15,000 - 20,000 years ago. Like a continent on itself. - dependent on opening and closing of ice sheet, passage way - long stretch
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