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Lecture 17

Lecture 17

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ANTH 3690
Marta Rohatynskyj

Lecture 17 Nov. 11. 2011 Relativism Review: Theorist Portfolio and Article Summary Article Summary • Each student is required to select a journal article or a book chapter of the theorist they have chosen to focus on and provide a 500 word summary • Journal articles vary from 8000 to 12,000 words in length but some journals may print longer articles • Book chapters vary in length but often provide a clear presentation of a theoretical position These summaries must be submitted to the ‘drop box’, file ‘Article Summary’ • • This assignment is worth 5% of the total grade • Please include either a PDF or a web address for the article in your submission • All members of the group must divide the work in creating the Theorist Portfolio Please include a note on participation in the final folder • • There are three stages to this project, the first is collecting and identifying pertinent material on line sources Theorist Portfolio 1. web sites that provide information about the work of the theorist – these include CV’s, bibliographies, individual web pages that can only be represented as web addresses 2. articles written by the theorist, or reviews of the theorist’s books, or articles about the theorist’s work, which can be included as PDF files within the portfolio 3. There may be other types of on line material such as interviews, addresses at conferences, news stories which may be represented as an on line address or included as a PDF 4. It would be best to provide a page of on line addresses with explanations of what each is while the PDF files can be included on their own The Second Task is Organizing the Portfolio • The first document should be the Table of Contents of the Portfolio and this should be accomplished at the end of the collecting process • Required elements include: CV or biography. For more current theorists it is possible to have both, but for older theorists only a biography is possible. It is assumed that this material can be gained on line but it may be necessary to write a biography of an older theorist.(with proper citation) • Bibliography of Author’s work – this should be available on line either as a PDF or a web address • Placing all of the articles collected in some sort of order – you may want to indicate on the bibliography which articles you have included as PDF files or for which you have provided a web address Third Task - Written Documents • The article summaries of all members of the group must be included in the portfolio – if there are three members, there will be three summaries, if there are six … • The group must write together an appreciation of the work of the theorist – 500 words long • You must use secondary sources for this and you must provide a bibliography of your sources • This bibliography will be attached to the 500 word summary Referencing Style • Text References (including references to personal communications) are placed in the body of the text, not in the notes. For each quotation or statement specific enough to need a reference, place the citation in parentheses (author’s name, year of publication of work quoted or referred to, page[s] cited) thus: (doe 1968) or (Rowe 1893:115-119). • See slide for examples Continued... • Your final Theorist Portfolio is found in the ‘Locker’ of your group under Groups. I have created a final folder for you in that Locker, for example, Appadurai Portfolio • This is the folder you will use to organize all of your material You may also created other folders in this locker while you are assembling material etc., for • example, articles in e-journals, that you could all have access to, adding and reviewing articles as you find them • Book reviews, may be another folder You may also have a folder for your ‘Appreciation of Theoretical Contribution’ All o
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