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Lecture 3

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Art History
ARTH 1510
Martina Meyer

ARTH Lecture 3 9/17/2012 6:23:00 AM Bull-Headed Lyre, Ur Royal Cemetery (2,600BCE) - actually used - gold with lapis lazuli - the seated figure in the scene showing its use is seated but you can tell he’s larger - bull is very naturalistic - the abstraction of the hair and the colour is part of the imagination abstraction - composite of realism and abstraction - 4 panel registers underneath the beard show scorpion man (Epic of Gilgamesh), a bull and human headed bulls Standard of Ur ‘Peace’, Ur - painted wooden box in the register system - some thing its intended to be visible, musical, etc. - the registers show from bottom to top; low class of society and animals, the next one has people who aren’t burdened, at the top the banqueters singing and drinking - everything is wonderfully organized during times of peace with harmony and symmetry reflected - the other side shows war - is it instructional? To warn of chaos in wartime and peace Akkadian Art Head of an Akkadian Ruler, Nineveh (2,250-2,200 BCE) - moving from natural things to make them to technological advances - earliest hollow cast - made from copper - combination of cutting edge tech, precious metals - very generalized style, beard patter, ideal face - damage seems to be intentional Victory stele of Naram-Sin, Susa (2254-2218 BCE) - Naram Sin is larger than the others - iconography of defeat - commemorating a ruler and the victorious people - probably set up for their own culture and the conquered peoples - relief carving - high relief type carving - interest in trying to create a sense of realism - the whole story is written on the top right corner Neo-Sumerian Art Seated Statue of Gudea (Holding Temple Plan), Girsu (2,100 BCE) - are his features general? Same type of face in every statue - the big eyes communicate with the divine - he’s also telling his story directly on the objects - had these objects carved from incredibly hard diorite stone - everything he’s doing is significant; holding water filled with fish, holding temple plans, etc.
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