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Renaissance Art

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Art History
ARTH 1510
Martina Meyer

ARTH 1510 Early Renaissance Art Nov. 30/11 Pisano-3 dimensional and has a sense of being separated from flat background. Decorative sense. Figures appear completely natural Cimabue-virgin and child enthroned-they’re following models. The lights and darks give it depth. Different from bizantine because the artist gives them a life like contemporary setting. He gives her an architectural setting. This is the first of it type. Viewer is simultaneously looking down and straight on Giotto di Bondone-madonna enthroned-he is more rational and becomes more real. Gown is done through shading. But he is keeping the hierarchy of size but the effect of the shading and the rationalizing is clear Giotto di Bondone-arena chapel- Giotto di Bondone-lamentation-distinguishes one body from another Giotto di Bondone-out of time. Looks more medieval. He tries to make his images so that there
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