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ARTH 1520 Lecture 1

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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

9 January 2012 Chelsea Mulvale Art History Lecture 1thEarly Renaissance Art 14 Century Europe Chapter 7The Trouble With Art Why do we bother with studying art history There is a lack of definition we have to come to an idea of what make an item worthy of displaying Does art have a purpose Is in spontaneous or do we have to think of something in order to produce itTalking About Art Assess properties Analyze structure Identify subject matter iconography Identify cultural aspectscontextPiazza Della SignoriaLoggia 137682 The period known as the middle ages sees a shift due to the Latin language language of culture power religion is replaced by vernacular Italian by people like Dante The people from that moment can be seen as a shift from formula to seen as people doing everyday thingsSignoria the ruling body Obtains the sense of status static oppressive fortified and it faces the squareIt is the centre Piazza of Florence because it is a public gatheringIt is the forum public spaceBeside this you have the Logia for private meetings
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