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ARTH 1520 Lecture 3

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Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

Chelsea Mulvale 16 Jan 2012 ARTH Lecture 3Focus on Chapter 1815th Century Art in Northern Europe Did not have classical antiquity as inspiration An extension of Gothic Art Holing onto International style longer than in other areas Interest places in symbolism Interested in observing natureOil painting was developed in Flanders and was widely adopted in ItalyIt became the preferred medium for the painterITALY a change was inspired by humanism with emphasis on the revival of classical antiquityThe humanism was connected to the ancient world of all things Greek and RomanScholasticismNORTHERN EUROPE a change was driven by religious reform return of Christian values and the revolt against the authority of the ChurchFundamentalismMore princes and Kings were patrons of artists Tendency towards realism and naturalism Interest in landscapes and observing nature
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