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ARTH 1520 Lecture 5

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Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

Chelsea Mulvale 23 Jan 2012 ARTH Lecture 5 Continuation of Chapter 18Jen Fouquet Etienne Chevalier and St Stephen This is located in FranceFouquet is a French court artistHe focuses on architecture after visiting Rome to studyHe works with sharp crisp linesHe uses techniques to draw people inEx He uses the newest hair styles to keep the image up to dateHe is the leading edge of the new movement to bring the classical style into production The Virgin and Child In the background angels are painted in red and blue which is unusual because devils were often painted in these coloursThe Virgin is painted fairly abstracts and paleShe seems bloodlessThe altar pieces are about how a persons soul belongs in another placeThe child is the unifying imageThe child is pointing to the other side of the altarpieceThe Virgin is modeled off of the Kings favourite mistressThe real world is becoming increasingly reflective in religious artJean Hey Portrait of Margret of Austria They didnt differentiate the dressing of children to adultsThe girl in the image is about tenShe occupies the interior space
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