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Lecture 7

ARTH 1520 Lecture 7

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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

Chelsea Mulvale 30 Jan 2012ARTH Lecture 7Renaissance in ItalyAesthetics combined with the religious aspects of the time ContrappostoFra Angelico Annunciation The title means the angelic brotherThis is a meditation pieceIt is to be seen by everyone except the monksIt was placed in an intimate spot within the churchThe Corinthian columns and the arches are importantThe figures are not realistic they are from the ancient Roman worldThis is a purely spiritual rendition of the bodyHe is copying sculpture by creating the depth of the body by focusing on the mass of the bodyFra Filippo Lippi Madonna and Child Fra Lippi saw a novice nun asked her permission to paint her as the virgin and they ended up running away togetherConsidered one of the most beautiful religious paintings of the Florentine RenaissanceModern aspects are intertwined such as the hair pearl necklace in order to make it seem like it is a real personThis is done to reinforce the idea that what you are looking at is a real person so you can believe in the icons as well as the imageAndrea Mantegna
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