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Lecture 8

ARTH 1520 Lecture 8

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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

Chelsea Mulvale 6 Jan 2012ARTH Lecture 8 Focus on Chapter 20 Cinquecento Italian ArtThe High Renaissance Triumvirate Leonardo Michelangelo Raphael The mind of the painter is transformed into a copy of the divine mind Leonardo da Vinci No longer a guild that anyone can do if trained it is for the artistic geniusLeonardo da Vinci Virgin of the Rocks Located in the LouvreHe is thinking about mathematical shapesThis is referred to as pyramidal compositionThis is happening because of the classical period in combination with experimentation of philosophical theories about the universeThe Virgin is in the centre with the angle John the Baptist Christ and a unity is created between them through geometryThe landscape dissolves into a mist which shows atmospheric perspectiveEverything looks realistic but is on the pinnacle of mysticismLeonardo has a face type that he often repeats which is the angelThis is not realism artChiaro lightOscuro darkChiaroscuro play of light and darkVirgin and Child with St Anne The child is playing with the lamb which symbolizes His passionHierarchy is shown through chronology of past present and futu
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