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University of Guelph
Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

4182012 20700 PM March 26 2012 Chapter 31Moreau The Apparition187476people culturally aware of what happened before them and whats occurringstandard familiar types of visual approachesSalme is doing dance very sensual and maccob at same timeInteresting thing is approach of artistsWonderful texturesUses a lot of linear work with paint splashes on topSubtextirrational responses of horrorHead floating in halo of lightsubtext is femme fatale fear of sexuality subversion o Idea that sensuality is used to destroy male victimsMunch The Scream1893 symbolism with people like Whistler and Moreau takes on expressionistic tendencies o ImpessionistVan goghs starry nightAll about the anguished mindWild sense of movement in the brushstrokesvery much about what this artist saw van gogh doingAll about relating to interior turmoilSkulllike look to himalmost ceasing to be human not about trying to keep figure recognizable o This person has already slipped off the edge o Losing veneer to civilizationseems caughttrapped not in the real world trapped in internal state of the mind irrational state o Come people see it as commentaryAs people become more urbanmore subject to violence o These things affect how you interact with different people
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