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Art History
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ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

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SixteenthCentury art in Northern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula Mysticism madness and morbidity2 tangents o imaginative o interest in nature and articulating nature as realisticly as possible Selfportrait Albrecht Durer o 1500 oil on wood panel o inscription to the rightsignature 28 yo o recalls iconic images of Christ salvator mundi savior of the world o adjusted his hair colour to look more like ChristSalvatore mundishowing himself as ChristHand raised in blessing1500 oil on woodinteresting personpublished on mathematics and everything had measurementcombination of northern mystic ideas and south classical ideaseducated in italyfollowed prutruvisroman architectthose types of measurements should be applied to human figuresancient ideasgrids of human figures greekssignature trademark on left topand quote on rightnot far removed from Godsaw himself as having creative authoritythought he was creative geniusREFORMATION OF THE ARTS th Two most important reformers in early 16 century were Catholic priests and trained theologians o Desiderius Erasmus o Martin LutherIncreased literacy and widespread use of printing press aided reforms religious debatesGermany wide cirulation of Luthers writihingsYears of political and religious strifegrave impact on artists and art o Because of reformist relgious sympathiesWidespread destruction of religious art o Thought luther himself never directly supported iconoclasm o Iconoclasm the smashing of religious imagesGERMANYGerman speaking regionsarts flourished until religious upheavals and iconoclastic purges in mid centuryCities had strong business and trade interestsordered portraits of themselves and fine furnishingsAlbrecht Durermajor commercial success SculptureWorked in stone and bronze like Italiansbut most original work in wood o Finely grain limewood
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