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Lecture 6

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Art History
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ARTH 2150
Andrew Sherwood

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ARTH Lecture 6 9/18/2013 7:28:00 AM - Old Palaces are destroyed by earthquake and rebuilt for the New Palace period - Minoans are in the New Palace - after another major destruction Knossos was only rebuilt (Post Palace) - Propylon/lea – monumental gateway (column or pillar support) - Tripartite – shrine formed of 3 sections - Throne - - Faience – new material, invented and produced in Egypt, sandy glass paste used for small plaques (faience plaques appear in Knossos (trade)) - Fenestration – opening, clerestory - Pithos/thoi – large ceramic pot - Phaistos disk - Linear A/B – scripts - Rhyton/ta – vessel _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Times Literary supplement (1980) Biers * * * assignment - today Knossos is a sinlge building with multi-levels and multi-rooms - note the colour, larger at the top than bottom (reconstructed columns) - Minoan columns have capitals - 2 paved roads that come into a paved plaza, significant b/c pavement is really expensive and really doesn’t exist anywhere at all - expense up to half a mile away, expression of power, who has the ability to do this? - 2 roads come together into 1 singular road with walls on either side - this is significant b/c breaking through hills at this time would’ve been hard and expensive - excavating in order to make a more impressive approach, spending resources in order to awe the visitors - finally come into the “theatral area”, had the beginnings of a Greek theatre (seating or staircases) - from that area you move into the Hall of the Pillars, pillars for supporting the roof - moved from architectural theatre that is wide open into the largest enclosed space you’ve ever been in - playing with the senses and perceptions of people coming into the palace - out of the Hall of the Pillars is a small ramp, 30 ft. high terrace walls on either side (feel narrow and enclosed) - you see light ahead, don’t know what your moving upwards to as you go on the ramp - fresco decorations with bull - come up and out onto the central courtyard (12m wide x 25m long) - in the distance is mountain Jutka - the courtyard itself has 3 stories high walls around it - subconsciously columns give you a sense of somewhere to go, a passageway to move on - monumental stairway and the biggest one in t
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