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Lecture 7

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Art History
ARTH 2150
Andrew Sherwood

ARTH 2150 Lecture 7 9/20/2013 7:28:00 AM Ventris and Chadwick – deciphered Linear B * * *La Petite Parissiene Thera Akrotiri Melos Vasiliki – small merchant house becomes Knossos * * *Kamares – found in the Kamares cave shrine Palaikastro – Pilgrim Flask – Old Castle, old style ceramic flask for pilgrimage use Sarcophagus (Hagia Triada) Nestor– king of Pelos, ring of Nestor Tylissos worshiper – bronze statuette _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ __ __ - all the other palaces on Crete have large central courtyards, storage rooms and columnar halls - largest of them all is Knossos - 25x12m is the size of all the palace courtyards – shows communication btwn the people in palace complexes, co-operation to make the central courtyard the same size, this says something about the function of it (football fields, hockey arena’s etc. all the same size) - one thing that none of the palaces have are fortification walls - all these palaces have unfinished rooms in the process of being built when the New Palace Period ended – possible b/c they don’t have fortification walls holding them in - this seems to be a characteristic of the Minoans, much more natural culture than the Mycenaean’s – penetration of light and are very important, lack of confinement, big central courtyard, palace had ability to expand as needed compared to Mycenae - why not they have walls? There’s no threat –military peace at the time possible, protected by the sea, has a navy, - palaces function as a central depot, lots of trade - Phaistos Disk – unique, nothing else like it in the world, spiral from outside to inside (or v.v.), filled with symbols, unsure if it’s a language or not - at Knossos we find Linear A and B - only a couple hundred examples of Linear A, been worked on for 100 years and still undecipherable - a bit later at the end of the Minoan period, another type of script was developed, couple 1000 tablets found - appears at Knossos as well as sites on the mainland – Linear B - Linear B is though to be proto-Greek, this seems to be inventories (of all weapons and chariots) - the writing associated with inventory (not all military), food/temple/slaves, etc. – economic element to the development of writing LINEAR A LINEAR B - Bull Jumping – impression of a square seal stone (in the corner of the central courtyard is a block like
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